Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Download

Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Download

Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Download : Salam buat teman teman semua semoga hari ini bermanfaat, amin. Seperti yang biasanya disini saya akan memberikan Update terbaru dari Game Android yang saat ini sedang populer di kalangan masyarakat luas khususnya anak muda tidak seperti game terdahulunya yang sedikit ribet misalnya game PS ataupun PC, Nah game yang akan saya share kali ini adalah game yang menurut saya keren dan menarik game yang saya maksudkan adalah Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016, kunjungi juga artikel terbaru saya Haypi Monster MOD 1.6.2 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Download.

Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 : adalah sebuah game strategi perang yang sangat keren di game ini kita akan melawan musuh musuh yang sangat kuat  yang akan menghalangi kita untuk menuju kemenangan, kita akan melawan musuh musuh dengan menggunakan berbagai karakter yang sudah di sediakan dengan kekuatan yang berbeda-beda dengan masing masing mempunyai keunggulan sendiri- sendiri dan juga karakter ini bisa di Upgrade ke level yang lebih tinggi dan kita akan di berikan senjata senjata yang kuat dan juga bisa di naikkan level juga sehingga kita bisa mengalahkan musuh-musuh lebih mudah, kunjungi juga artikel tentang game yang terbaru dari saya Game Clash Royale Android v1.1.0 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Downloa.

Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 : Memiliki kapasitas yang tidak terlalu besar sehingga cocok untuk teman teman yang memiliki kapasitas RAM yang kurang dari 512 masih bisa memainkan game ini tanpa harus takut smartphone-nya menjadi lemot, Ayo segera mainkan game-nya, kunjungi juga artikel terbaru saya Download Game dan CHEAT Poke Pet Pokemon Versi 1.63 APK Terbaru  2016.

Description :

New in Patch 2.1!

Ascension Gameplay Mode brought!
Take your characters even similarly with the addition of this new mode. as soon as your person reaches stage 99
you can select your first Ascension Perk on your character! (buy this with in game gold from the store)
With 6 Ascension Perks to choose from there'll usually be extra powerful loot and tools to locate!

Now helping Google Play video games: Quests! ensure you are logged into your Google Play video games account when you begin Dungeon Quest
to access to these new quests and the gifts you could get by way of completing them!

up to date warfare area gadget:
League and department placement is now primarily based completely for your matchmaking score
All new arena degree gadget is used to free up new conceitedness Auras. each healthy performed earns you experience!
eliminated League points
Chests earned from arena now have a danger to be rare, Epic, Legend or eternal.

New item Affix types:
based Affix - advantage a bonus once you attain the requirement defined on the item. this could praise gamers who like to use
builds now not typically visible or used within the various game modes for DQ.

negative Affix - accumulate the brand new Seven lethal Sins set to gain from extremely powerful items....only if you could triumph over their

different Additions:
brought Random puppy's again to the game for purchase
introduced 45 new Legend gadgets
brought nine new item units
New 31 new object Affixes
diverse UI updates to player Stat monitors
balance updates

Embark on a adventure to discover the high-quality loot and defeat all challengers in this in reality free-to-play Offline motion RPG.

presenting randomized loot, dynamically generated dungeons, and four acts every with their very own mythical boss waiting for. journey thru unlimited flooring of increasingly hard enemies whilst collecting the pleasant items possible while competing with your friends in our war arena competitive leagues.

Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with infinitely customizable guns and armor to assist smash the basic evils plaguing the land. There are continually new methods to vanquish your foes! upgrade your tools with our Crystal and Mythstone crafting gadget. Make your character even greater effective the usage of our gear-based totally ability and expertise gadget.

uninterested in playing by myself? carry your other characters into combat with you to advantage enjoy and loot alongside your hero using our Hireling machine. Or maybe you may come across one of the many endearing companions protected in our puppy system!

Features :

features include:

• Play for as long as you need not content or pay partitions
• Equip your Wizard, Warrior, or Rogue with great randomized loot you locate in your adventure!
• never combat in the same dungeon twice! Climb your manner thru more than limitless randomly generated flooring.
• take a look at your skill towards one in every of 4 legendary bosses on the quit of each Act!
• carry your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling device!
• manipulate your player AI to create your very own military of adventures!
• local Controller integration for iOS7 with complete HUD assist!
• customise the dungeon's trouble and rewards by way of pick between 8 enemy electricity tiers.
• New puppy system that lets you select a follower to useful resource on your adventure.

we're committed to making Dungeon Quest the fine ARPG on cell! New content might be brought frequently, so comply with us on both our forums, Twitter, or fb to get the ultra-modern news!

Screenshots :


Nah mungkin itu saja yang dapat saya bagikan dari Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK ini semoga artikel ini dapat membantu teman teman dalam mencari informasi tentang game ataupun yang lainnya, untuk yang ingin memainkan game ini langsung saja downlaod di bawah ini secara gratis : 

Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6  APK Terbaru 2016
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Dungeon Quest v2.2.0.6 APK Terbaru 2016 Gratis Download

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